About Imagine Me Notary

Welcome to Imagine Me Notary! We are a mobile notary public based in Henderson, NV and all of Clark County. Below is some more information about our services.

Proctor Services

Proctor refers to a person who supervises candidates while they are taking an exam. The prime purpose of the proctor is to check that the candidates in an exam do not cheat. What is the role of a Proctor? The main role of the proctor is to monitor tests and exams. It is the responsibility of the proctor to check that students are not cheating, using any unfair means, or manipulating the exam in any way. Before the exam starts, the proctor’s duty is to explain the guidelines or rules which need to be followed by the candidates while doing the exam. Their duty is very important to carry out fair examinations and to make sure the exam starts and finishes on time.

*If you need a Proctor to over see you as you take your exam, Call Sharon Mitchell of Imagine Me Notary (702) 487-349

Wedding Officiant

A Wedding Officiant is any person who performs the role of officiating a legal marriage ceremony.

When planning a wedding, the thought of running off to Vegas and eloping has crossed the minds of many couples. Others want to get married in Vegas to thoroughly enjoy the time there with friends and family. Whether you’ve been planning this for a while or you decide to get married while in Vegas, there are a few things to know. Make sure you read through the following information, then contact a mobile wedding officiant in Las Vegas to make sure everything is done right, and you are legally married to your spouse.  Step 1. Be Eligible: Both parties must be over 18 Step 2. Apply for a Marriage License: Apply online at, mlic.vegas . Step 3: Get Marriage License: Pick up license in person at the Clark County Marriage License Bureau. Step 4: Get Marriage: You are free to get married. There is no waiting period. The license is good for 1 year. The coupe will need a Wedding Officiant (Me) and a witness for the ceremony. The ceremony can take place anywhere Step 5: Get your Certified Copy: After the ceremony the wedding officiant will turn in the paperwork. Everything will be processed in about 10 days, the coupe can pick up a certified copy of the license.

*Call Sharon Mitchell at (702) 487-3149 to schedule a consultation.